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Não é Fait Diver

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Mozambican women eaten by lions

afrol News, 29 July - Two Mozambican women have been reportedly eaten by lions close to the country's northern national park. The weekend killings had brought the number of people killed by wild beasts in Cabo Delgado province in the last six months to 14.

The remains of the women victims were found near the Quirimba National Park in Cabo Delgado where wild animals frequently attack humans. However, how the latest victims fell into the lions trap still remains a mystery to many people.

The attacks, mostly launched by lions, crocodiles and elephants, are directed at farmers who share water and grazing with wild beasts. Wild animals are in the habit of attacking farmers in isolated areas.

Mozambican government did not only authoritise the army to shoot "problem animals", it also put in place several measures to protect wild beasts from harming people. This includes engaging mobile brigades to bar animals from intruding into populated human settlements.

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